Additional Terms and Conditions for Moscow and Saint Petersburg

1. The present Additional Conditions are a supplement to the Information Services Agreement entered into between you, the individual ("you"), and WelcomeTaxi Ltd. These Additional Conditions apply in the following Territories: a) Moscow (RUMOW); b) St. Petersburg (RULED).

2. The terms used in the present Additional Conditions are an addition to the terms defined in the Information Services Agreement.

2.1.    Dispatcher — a Company employee that receives requests from Customers for Transportation Services, allocates them to drivers and monitors their implementation.

2.2.    Passenger — the Customer directly using the Transportation Service, or another person specified by the Customer as needing the Transportation Service. 

2.4.    Callsign — your unique alphanumeric identifier consisting of five letters of the English alphabet and a three-digit number between 001 and 999. The alphabetical part of the call sign is used to identify the Territory where you provide the Transportation Services, and the numerical part indicates your serial number within the Territory.

3. Vehicle. Before delivering Transportation Services, your Vehicle must be technically sound and clean internally and externally. There should be no foreign objects lying on the passenger seats or in the boot. In inclement weather, you should wipe down the windows and door handles before bringing the Vehicle for Transportation Services. There should be no unpleasant odours in the cabin.

4. Your appearance. Your clothes should be neat and clean. Sports apparel is not allowed. When providing Transportation Services for BUSINESS, BUSINESS VAN/SUV and VIP class fares, you should wear a light-coloured shirt and tie (for men) or light-coloured blouse and dark skirt/pants (for women).

6. Accepting requests for Transportation Services

6.1.    Information about new requests for Transportation Services submitted by Customers is passed on via the Driver App.

6.2.    After accepting the job, you have to contact the Customer by phone or via SMS, providing the Customer with information about your name and your mobile phone number.

8. Accessibility. From 1 hour before providing the Vehicle for Transportation Services to 15 minutes after the completion of Transportation Services, you must be available at all times for communication with the Dispatcher via phone, Skype or Zello. A lack of response on your part to calls made by the Dispatcher during this period is a breach of these Additional Conditions.

9. The Dispatcher must be immediately informed of any delays during the journey to the pick-up address.

11. If your pick-up address is a hotel, you should either leave your Vehicle in the parking lot and enquire about your Passenger at reception, or meet the Passenger in the hotel lobby by holding a card with their name. If the hotel parking is paid, the cost of the parking is not included in the cost of the Transportation Services and is paid separately by the Passenger upon presentation of a parking receipt.

12. If you are meeting a Passenger at the train station, you should wait for the Passenger at the platform exit (closest to the train) or by the carriage, while holding a sign with the Passenger's name and surname, or the name of the Customer, or with some other text, as per the Dispatcher's instructions.  The cost of paid parking at the station is included in the cost of the Transportation Services and should not be paid separately by the Passenger.

13. Meeting at the airport

13.1.    Flight tracking. When meeting a Passenger at the airport, you must independently track the status of the arriving flight (early arrival, delay, transfer, cancellation). You must arrive at the airport immediately after the plane has landed, leave the Vehicle in the parking lot and walk into the arrival hall with a sign, referred to in paragraph 12, no later than fifteen (15) minutes after the flight has actually landed.

13.2.    Photo. Immediately upon entering the arrival hall, you should take a picture of the electronic flight information display,  with the current date and time clearly visible. The time recorded on the display is considered to be the actual time of arrival at the airport. The photo should be emailed to without any editing. 

13.3.    You are not allowed to wait for the Passenger outside the airport and pick them up outside the airport building in response to a phone call, except when such a request comes from the Passenger themselves or you have received this instruction from the Dispatcher.

 14. Provision of Transportation Services

14.1.    When you meet the Passenger, before proceeding with the Transportation Service, you must verify that the Passenger's name, destination and payment method correspond to those specified in the request. In case of any discrepancy, you must immediately contact the Dispatcher.

14.2.    When meeting the Passenger at the airport, train station or hotel, you must help the Passenger with transporting the luggage to where the Vehicle has been parked.
14.3.    You should open the Vehicle door when the Passenger is getting inside, and stow their luggage in the boot in their presence. On arrival to the destination, you must unload the Passenger's luggage, and make sure that there are no items remaining in the Vehicle cabin or boot that belong to the Passenger.

14.4.    When providing Transportation Services for BUSINESS, BUSINESS VAN/SUV or VIP class Passengers, you must provide the Passenger with bottles of cold mineral water (still and sparkling), as well as wet wipes. Furthermore, Passengers must have access to fast 3G/4G Wi-Fi.

14.5.    While providing Transportation Services, you may listen to music or open the Vehicle windows only with the Passenger's permission.

14.6.    It is up to you whether or not to allow smoking in the cabin. It is not recommended that you smoke in the Vehicle with Passengers present, even if the Passengers themselves are smoking.

14.7.    When calculating the cost of the Transportation Services using the trip duration and/or the actual kilometres driven, you should be guided by the Passenger in choosing a route, and in the absence of any instructions, choose the optimum route yourself, taking into account the road conditions.

14.8.    If the price of the Transportation Services has been determined beforehand, you are able to choose the route yourself.

14.9.    When choosing the travel route, you should use information about traffic conditions provided by Yandex.Traffic or a similar Google service. If this is not possible, you should contact the Dispatcher to obtain the necessary information and follow their instructions.

14.10.    Collecting payment

14.10.1.    If you are accepting payment for the Transportation Service directly from the Passenger, it should be collected at the end of the trip. At the same time, if requested by the Passenger, you must issue a payment receipt as required by law or by the Company. 

14.10.2.    If you are accepting payment for the Transportation Service through the company WelcomeTaxi, you must fill out a Service Delivery Receipt using the form provided by the Company at this address:, and ask the Passenger to sign it. If using a carbonless copy form of the Service Delivery Receipt, you should give the original to the Passenger and keep the copy. A correctly completed Service Delivery Receipt that has been signed by the Passenger is the evidence that you have provided a Transportation Service and the basis for payment. You must keep the completed Service Delivery Receipt for at least  six months after the date of the Transportation Service. The absence of a Service Delivery Receipt that is correctly filled out and signed by the Passenger, prior to the expiry of the above period of time, may lead to the Company's refusal to pay for the Transportation Service and, in the case of already processed payments, the Company withholding a corresponding amount from subsequent payments.

14.10.3.    You are not allowed to charge the Passenger an amount greater than what was provided in the Fare Calculation. This does not apply to remuneration on top of the Transportation Cost, provided to you by the Passenger on their own initiative as a tip.

14.11.    Once you have completed the Transportation Service, you should contact the Dispatcher and (i) if you have received the payment yourself, notify the Dispatcher of the payment amount, or (ii) if you receive payment through the Company, provide the parameters (transfer service, driving time, waiting time, kilometres travelled, additional services) that are required to calculate the cost of the Transportation Service. Additional remuneration, provided to you by the Passenger at their own initiative in the form of a tip, is not included in this report.

14.12.    You are not allowed to accept requests directly from the Passenger for subsequent Transportation Services, except with the permission of the Dispatcher and after immediately informing the Dispatcher about such requests and all their parameters (pick-up time and address, route or planned travel time, the Passenger's phone number). If the Passenger specifically wants you to carry out the next request, you need to inform the Dispatcher about this as well so that this request is later assigned to you.

 15. Responsibilities 

15.1.    Failure to comply with the requirements listed in the present Additional Conditions, may lead to the Company deducting the following amounts from your pay.

15.1.1.    Rejection of an accepted request to provide Transportation Services in ways other than the manner described in paragraph 7 of these Additional Terms: up to 600 RUB.

15.1.2.    Your Dispatcher being unable to contact you while you are providing Transportation Services: up to 300 RUB.

15.1.3.    Being late by more than 10 minutes without causing the Customer to refuse the Transportation Service: 300 RUB.

15.1.4.    Being late by more than 10 minutes, resulting in the Customer refusing the Transportation Service, or failing to provide a Vehicle for the Transportation Service: the full cost of the Transportation Service.

15.1.5.    Absence of a payment receipt to issue to the Passenger on request, upon payment for the Transportation Service: the full cost of the Transportation Service.

15.1.6.    A dirty or faulty Vehicle, resulting in a complaint made by the Passenger: 500 RUB.

15.1.7.  Charging the Passenger a payment that exceeds the amount calculated by the Fare Calculation: the full amount received from the Passenger.