WelcomeTaxi is an international transportation service that specialises in transfer bookings and chauffeur services, especially for foreign clients. At least some English language knowledge is required for all drivers who collaborate with our company.

Of course. In all the cities where WelcomeTaxi is present, our drivers collaborate with us and earn money by using their own cars.

You can use a car rented for work, too. Important is that this car is not branded for another taxi company (does not have any logos etc.) In some cities you can rent a car for work from our partners on good conditions. Please contact us to know about this possibility in your city.

It depends on the legislation of your country. We do not require from you any special government-issued permission or license, except of a standard B category driver license.

WelcomeTaxi allows drivers to set their own working hours. You only accept the requests that you want. We have no work shifts and no timetables for drivers.

We do not employ our drivers. Therefore, WelcomeTaxi does not enter into an employment agreement with a driver. You sign an Agreement for the provision of Information Services (by clicking 'Agree' once you have read the text on our website). Under this Agreement, we provide you with information about customers requesting transfer services, and you provide these services under certain conditions, as specified in the Agreement and the Additional Conditions for your city.

You will need to send us scans or photographs of the following documents, using a form on this site:
- a driver's license;
- vehicle registration certificate.
We also need photographs of your car.

No, absolutely not. All the information provided by you to WelcomeTaxi during registration is confidential, sent via an encrypted channel and stored on the servers of Formstack, LLC (Indianapolis, USA), one of the world leaders in the SaaS industry.

This is usually not required. The information, photos, and documents that you upload when registering online is sufficient. However, in rare cases, we may ask the driver to meet one of our representatives for a personal interview and car inspection.

We will send you a link to pass a 30-minutes online test provided by Examagram.com. This link will be valid for two days only. You will need to use a computer (no smartphones or tablets!) with good Internet connection. Pay attention: when passing the test, the time is counted! Therefore, please ensure for yourself 30 minutes of absolutely uninterrrupted time.

All our rates are fixed and depend on the mileage. To see how much cost a ride for a concrete vehicle class on a given route, go to our online Booking Form, enter the pickup and drop off addresses, and see the price.

In most cases, our commission is from 25% to 30% of the total service cost. In any case, the exact sum which you will receive for a job after our commission, will be shown in job request.

We will send you new job requests by email where you can find the pickup date and time, pickup and drop off addresses along with the price. To take an order, you will need to click a link in the body of message. Otherwise you will simply ignore it.

After taking a job, you will receive another email with all the necessary order details.

As soon as we will review all the information that you have sent, you will receive an email with detailed information about further actions. This usually occurs within few business days from passing the language test. You will be able to receive and carry out requests as soon as this happens.

In some cities we have more orders, while in some other cities they are less or even occasional yet. We try to market any new city, but results not always come soon. Most probably, it means that we still did not have any new orders in your city during this period. Patience, please. As soon as we receive an order suitable for your vehicle class, it will be emailed to you.

We have two kinds of orders: 1) partially prepaid by customers and 2) fully prepaid or postpaid.

If you fulfil a partially prepaid order, you will need to collect cash from passenger. The exact amount to be collected in your local currency will be indicated in the order detailed information, sent to you and to the customer. These are your money, our commission is already withheld.

If you fulfil a fully prepaid or postpaid order, your payment will be placed onto your WelcomeTaxi balance, which you can see at any moment on this website. We will pay you on the forthnighly basis, usually it happens every second Friday. Currently, we use only one payment method: Payoneer. It means that you will need to open your Payoneer account, if you still do not have one.

Payoneer is a US based financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services. Account holders can send and receive funds into their bank account, Payoneer e-wallet, or onto a re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit card that can be used online or at points-of-sale. To learn more about Payoneer (in your language) and to open your Payoneer account, please visit Payoneer's website.

Currently we cannot send you funds directly to your bank account, but only to your Payoneer account. However, you can link your local bank account to your Payoneer account and easily transfer money from Payoneer to your bank account.

First of all, ensure that you have at least 50 USD on your WelcomeTaxi balance, since this is the minimum transfer amount allowed by Payoneer. Be also aware, that we do not pay you immediately after achieving this transferrable limit, but make payments two times per month, usually every second Friday.

If all the above mentioned conditions are met and you didn't receive your payment, please ensure that your payment options are properly set up. Go to your balance page and check:

  1. Is your payment account type (Payoneer) selected?
  2. Is your account number (Payoneer email) indicated in the right field next to Payment account type field?
  3. If your payment method is set up to "Manual submission of payment requests" rather then to "Automatic payment", did you submit your payment request (the red button in a right bottom corner)?

If all the above mentionefd conditions are met and you still did not receive your payment, please contact our office.