Setting up Account to pay

How to set up Account to pay

1. From the left dropdown menu select your Account type.

2. In the right field please type following information depending on selected Account type:

  • For Payoneer and PayPal: email linked to Payoneer or PayPal account respectively.
  • For Card deposit via app: your mobile phone number linked to the app (e.g. +380671234567)
  • For Money transfer via KoronaPay: your name and surname as it is written in your passport or national ID; your mobile phone number.

Additional information about account types

Payoneer: Minimum transfer amount 50 USD. No commission will be applied. To learn more and to open your Payoneer account visit

PayPal: No minimum transfer amount. A transaction fee will be applied by PayPal when you receive from us the funds in USD. To learn more and to open your PayPal account visit

Card deposit via app: No minimum transfer amount. Small service fees vary depending on the region and amount. To receive funds, you need to get the app at website, and then to link at least one of your debit, credit or prepaid cards as Receiving Card in the app (for the moment, MasterCard only).

Money transfer via KoronaPay: You will receive money by cash in one of KoronaPay offices in your country. More information available on website.

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